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K ~ Animated by PixelPlush
K ~ Animated

That hand and gun yes that's a gun you're seeing killed me-- At least the result is pretty :iconpapmingplz:

Transparent PNG without anything fancy 
HPM ~ Double Shuckle by PixelPlush
HPM ~ Double Shuckle

"Welcoming a new addition to the ranch: Chople the shuckle! Shuckles gotta stick together!"

Chople is actually a christmas present, (thank you very much mods!) but let's put that fact away for now.

HPM ~ Shu App
K ~ Shire Durgandham by PixelPlush
K ~ Shire Durgandham
I'M IN I'M IN I'M INNNNNN:iconffryojiplz:

❝…Time is ticking.❞


☣ Name ☣  

Shire Durgandham

☣ Gang ☣  

Yellow Jacket

☣ Rank ☣  


☣ Age ☣  


☣ Sex ☣  


☣ Height and Weight ☣  

176 cm / 72 kg || 5' 9" / 159 lbs

☣ Skills ☣ 

Marksmanship – He knows how to operate various firearms with decent accuracy. His accuracy decreases with distance, never expect a 100% hit rate. High chance it will still hit somewhere around the target, though.

First aid – Always has a first aid kit with him. At the very least he knows what to do when a comrade (or himself) is injured, and doesn’t mind blood or nasty wounds.

Basic combat – Nothing overly fancy or complicated, but he knows which parts of the body to hit and defend in fights and how to efficiently do so. Shire is most comfortable fighting with knuckles but can go barehanded if necessary.

☣ Stats ☣ 

► Attack             ||           ★★  

► Defense         ||           ★★  

► Intelligence   ||           ★★  

► Health            ||           ★★★

► Speed            ||           ★    

► Luck               ||           ..What is luck. (0)


☣ Weapons ☣ 


Old and somewhat fragile (treat with caution: don’t drop it; don’t block attacks with it; don’t try fancy tricks; use it to shoot instead of whacking people), but it does its work. A gift from a deceased comrade, he’s not getting rid of it anytime soon.

☣ Personality ☣ 

✔Punctual || Practical || Trustworthy || Loyal || Brave ||

✘Pessimistic || Passive || Insensitive || Impatient || Skeptic ||

Very few things spark Shire’s interest, most of the time he’s just silently sulking about every little bad thing in this boring, boring world. When he’s in a good mood he’ll speak up, but when he does the pessimism kicks in and he’ll point out one (or more) too many negative things. Have I told you that being likable is not his talent?

He’s not the most patient of people either. Being a very punctual person, people who have no respect to time never failed to irk him. He also stays away from loud, talkative people, especially ones who don’t understand the concept of personal space.

Despite his seemingly endless stream of pessimistic comments, Shire is actually an efficient worker. He sees things objectively no matter the situation; feelings don’t normally cloud his thinking. Time is very precious to him; he never wastes his time and finishes jobs on time. He also has a strong sense of responsibility; once he has said something he’ll keep his word.

Trusting other people doesn’t come naturally to him, mostly because he finds it hard to distinguish the truth from lies and manipulations. His mind is programmed to follow orders and get things done, not solving riddles. Once he gets attached to someone, though, he’ll be fiercely loyal to them and won’t hesitate to do anything for their sake.

[word count = 246]

☣ Likes ☣ 

► Peace and quiet

► Clocks

► Punctual people

► Sleeping

☣ Dislikes ☣ 

► People being late

► Slow people

► People who never stop talking

► Overly optimistic people

► Invaders of personal space

► Being manipulated

☣ Background Story ☣ 

"Boring. This world is too boring," Shire grunted as he kicked an empty can. The can flew up and hit his head. Ouch.


A shout shocked him. He tripped over the very same can. 

"What was that?" He turned around in annoyance and saw some people from the military, training. Seems like they were running rounds just now.

"... Military, huh?"

Several months later, Shire actually became part of military and was on his way back to the City from training. Tiring as it is, it was a refreshing change from his dull everyday life. It also did wonders to his formerly nonexistent social life.

“Look, the City is already in view!” One of his fellow trainees said, pointing at a small shape in the distance.

“Look, a neon pink puddle. They must’ve killed someone tainted here.” Shire pointed at a puddle their truck just passed. “Make sure we clean the tires later.”

“You’re ruining our happiness!” everyone exclaimed. Even though he’s actually feeling quite cheerful and, for once, in mood to talk…

They took a break at sundown. Shortly after they realized that their water bottles were in the truck. At the very bottom, below everything else they brought. Who is the genius who took care of the packing? Thankfully Shire kept a spare water bottle in his bag. Someone took the bottle and drank, then passed it to another person while coughing.  It was unknown whether that cough was because he merely choked... or something else. However, they shared that drink without any suspicion.

After the break all of them started to cough and sneeze. Training is supposed to make them stronger, not sick. What’s with this sudden mass cold spreading? They were indeed tired and their immune system must not be at its best, though...

However, it got worse. After a few hours they started coughing blood, neon pink in color.

"N, No way..." Shire whispered to no one in particular, panic starting to build up. The Color-Syndrome… This was definitely it. They were taught about the disease during their training. The disease spread through fluids. He strongly suspected the neon pink puddle earlier. The truck went through it; the blood should somehow come in contact with someone–  


A loud sound snapped him out of his thoughts. In front of his very eyes he saw his comrades falling. Definitely the Color-Syndrome. Upon 2-3 hours of infection the victim will–

He could feel it. Fear started to creep into his conscience.

Pain stung his right knee and it buckled, refusing to support his body. Then the pain spread to his whole body, mostly at his upper arm and cheek.  Young adults won’t die from the disease, though, from what he had learned. None of them are that old, aren't they? Even the eldest was still in his twenties...

He trembled; his body couldn't bear at it anymore. Added with all of the training he had for the last weeks, it was impossible to even sit up straight. Eventually, his vision went blurry, and he blacked out.

Heavily, Shire opened his eyes. "So it’s indeed true,” he mused. “I’m… alive.” Around him several people had came to and were observing their newly acquired colors.

He looked at himself and found brown blotches tainting his skin. No trace of the pain he experienced mere moments ago. He stood up and joined the group of people who were up and aware, discussing about their next move while waiting for the others to wake up. They tried, at least, but everyone couldn’t stop worrying about those who hadn't woken up.

After several hours they had to accept the fact that their comrades who were lying on the ground are dead. The disease killed almost half of the group. The oldest ones, he noticed. So with this disease infecting them, they won’t reach their thirties… That’s ten years at most for him, even less for the older trainees. Everyone else seemed too busy mourning to even notice that.


“We cannot go back to the City.” They were, once again, trying to discuss what to do. No much luck, everybody’s minds are clearly somewhere else.

“The Grey Order kills infected people,” Shire continued. “And we have to do something about this disease, unless you want to die in several years.” He did feel sad, but the sadness didn't shut him down like it did to everyone else. He felt a little guilty. Do his friends matter that little to him?

However, survival comes first. “The Kaleidoscope… They are the only ones I know who’ll accept infected people.” He learned nothing good about the group from his training and general rumors around the City, but it seemed to be the only thing they can do for now…

[word count = 800]

☣ Trivia ☣ 

► He found the Kaleidoscope via Alpha and Beta. Sneaking a group of suspicious people into the City wasn't easy but they made it... somehow, even with an extra person. Splitting up turned out to be a very wise choice. Being an ex-military, he joined the Yellow Jackets.

► His right cheek, left arm, and right knee are tainted.

► A watch is always around his left wrist, he never takes it off. Color had bled into it, even though the watch is nowhere near his color stain.

► Has all sorts of useful (and not so useful) things inside his bag. It’s so heavy he can slam it on someone’s face and cause a decent damage.

► Changes the piece of cloth around his arm every day to avoid tainting it. Can also act as a mask when necessary.

► An early bird, he wakes up early and sleeps early. Doesn’t function well without at least 7 hours of sleep.


► Highly respects Kin as the leader of Yellow Jackets. The baby mittens, though… THE NURSE OUTFIT THO 

► Somehow always gets away with a They're nothing special whenever someone asks about his family.

☣ Relationships ☣ 

:bulletyellow: Warren
"It's just a rumor and from what I know they're up to no good. So don't expect too much... But at least we'll be safe there." 

Meeting another infected person was completely unexpected. When Shire told him the whole story (along with what he knew the Kaleidoscope), though, the stranger agreed  to join him search for the organization. They went everywhere they could without getting spotted by the Gray Order, but found nothing. No HQ, no recruiter, not even a member they can tail, nor any clue to follow. They were about to give up when they saw two girls, clearly tainted with pink and blue. Are they...?

~More TBA when he gets in~

PKMNation ~ Diana Ref by PixelPlush
PKMNation ~ Diana Ref

Firefly Glade

"Be careful when you wander in the darker parts of the glade, a monster might catch you! Di is pretty harmless, though, scaring people is simply a hobby of hers."
Pokemon: Duskull (Fusion)

Name: Diana

Gender: Female
Type: :iconghosttypeplz: :icongrasstypeplz:

Ability: Frisk


Hatch Date: 14/11/2014

ID Number: 19885
Level: 7

Started Base Attack: 22

Current Base Attack: 23


:iconnormaltypeplz: Leer
:iconghosttypeplz: Night Shade
Level Up Log:
Vermin Clutch CLOSED ~ Fullbody (2) + Simple BG (1) = 3 levels
Ref image ~ Fullbody (2) + Shading (2) = 4 levels

PKMNation ~ Vaan Ref by PixelPlush
PKMNation ~ Vaan Ref

Firefly Glade

"When you see a purple ball of fur with two tufts of  hair jutting out, you have just spotted Vaan! Hugging him is a moodbooster for everyone and he doesn't mind the least. Everyone loves free hugs! He runs around so much, though, the only way you can get him to sit still is by offering him something to eat."
Pokemon: Venonat

Name: Vaan

Gender: Male
Type: :iconbugtypeplz: :iconpoisontypeplz:

Ability: Compound Eyes


Hatch Date: 11/11/2014

ID Number: 19516
Level: 9

Started Base Attack: 18

Current Base Attack: 19


:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconnormaltypeplz: Disable
:iconnormaltypeplz: Foresight
Level Up Log:
Minun/Venonat - 3 Crosses BA 18 [CLOSED] ~ Fullbody (2) + Shading (2) + Simple BG (1) = 5 levels
Ref image ~ Fullbody (2) + Shading (2) = 4 levels

Writing in Bahasa Indonesia from this point~
MoE ~ Devlin by PixelPlush
Nama: Devlin
Umur: 18 tahun
Tanggal lahir: 24 Januari
Gender: Male
Pekerjaan: Pegawai Artist Studio

:bulletyellow:Santai - Nggak gampang marah, nggak suka kerja berat, nggak suka buru-buru.
:bulletyellow:Telmi - Aslinya lumayan pintar, tapi sering nggak nyambung kalo diajak ngomong. Otaknya perlu waktu loading beberapa detik.
:bulletyellow:Sayang barang - Nggak pernah tega ngebuang barang, udah rusak pun tetap disimpan. Males beres-beres sesungguhnya
:bulletyellow:Sabar - Dia sendiri juga lelet, jadi nggak pernah keberatan kalau disuruh menunggu.
:bulletyellow:Suka menolong - Asal nggak yang susah-susah.
:iconsenecioarukyuu:'s Sonia
MoE - Adansonia Sakurahana And Yuki Iceberg by SenecioArukyuu
Jadi waktu itu Devlin jalan-jalan dengan caravannya. Tiba-tiba mogok, gak bisa jalan. Karena mogoknya di tengah jalan, Devlin pun jadi bingung. Kebetulan aja datang Sonia dengan kudanya, Cocoa. Karena melihat ada orang yang kebingungan, akhirnya Sonia menghampiri Devlin. Ia pun menceritakan apa yang terjadi. Setelah mendengar cerita Devlin, akhirnya Sonia dan Cocoa membantu Devlin mendorong caravan sampe ke tempatnya sekarang ini. Sebagai ucapan terima kasih, Devlin pun memberi coklat kepada Sonia dan Cocoa.

:iconrisayamagaki:'s Oui
Moe OC : Oui by RisaYamagaki
Mereka ketemu pas Devlin baru terdampar di kota Beringin. Oui yang kebetulan naik sepeda penasaran sama sesosok coklat yang bisa bergerak-gerak dan lagi kebingungan sama caravannya. Oui pun mendekat lalu kaget ternyata itu orang  Trus Oui nanya ini itu pokoknya tau apa yg terjadi dgn caravannya Devlin trus ngusulin tinggal di beringin aja, terus Oui ngebonceng Devlin untuk ketemu Mayor minta izin numpang tinggal. Habis itu Oui ngajak Devlin keliling-keliling Beringin naik sepeda. Sejak itu Devlin sering main-main ke Inn ngunjungin Oui, kadang jalan-jalan bareng juga. Oui sepedaan, Devlin motret-motret pemandangan.

:iconusami-yuuri:'s Micchan
MoE OC : Miiki by Usami-Yuuri
Waktu ketemu di artist studio Micchan liat Devlin yang dikiranya patung coklat. Pas dia toel-toel dari belakang ternyata.. manusia betulan.

:iconfinazazaz:'s Vanilla~:heart:
MoE OC : Vanilla by Finazazaz
Waktu Devlin lagi jalan-jalan keliling Beringin dia ketemu Vanilla yang sedang berburu clover. Awal-awalnya Devlin bingung, kenapa susah-susah nyari kalau di sekitarnya itu clover semua, tapi lalu Vanilla menceritakan bahwa clover berdaun 4 itu membawa keberuntungan. Devlin pun setuju untuk membantu Vanilla mencari. Baru beberapa saat kemudian dia sadar kalau clover berdaun 4 itu langka, yang ada kelopaknya 3 semua.. Sejak itu Vanilla jadi sering tiba-tiba ke artist studio terus diem di depan pintu (?). Walaupun gak ngomong apa-apa Devlin udah ngerti maksudnya mau ngajak nyari clover lagi..

:iconkiaramix:'s Marron
MoE - Re App : Marron by kiaramix
Pas Marron lagi makan kenari di atas pohon, kenarinya jatuh satu dan nimpuk kepalanya Devlin yang lagi lewat. Marron bukannya minta maaf malah nawarin kenari ke Devlin.. Dan mereka pun makan kenari sama-sama. Setelah itu Devlin ga lupa ngingetin Marron biar hati-hati kalau lagi makan kenari, jangan ada yang ketimpuk kenari lagi kayak dia.

:iconmerurun:'s Rinka
MoE OC : Rinka by merurun
Waktu Devlin baru pertama kali masuk ke artist studio, tiba-tiba Devlin diterjang kucingnya Rinka gara-gara dikira coklat. Terus Rinka minta maaf dan ngajak Devlin minum teh bareng.. Tapi devlin di suruh nyeduh tehnya sendiri.
Rinka juga bosnya Devlin (owner artist studio) dan suka minta difotoin sama Devlin, semacam narsis gitu //heh

:iconsendichic:'s Henrietta
MoE OC : Henry by sendichic
Henrietta yang lagi nyasar entah gimana sampai di depan karavannya Devlin. Dia pun menghampiri karavan itu untuk menanyakan arah, tapi pada akhirnya malah nanya-nanya panjang lebar tentang itu karavan..

:iconjbeansv:'s Aqua
MoE : Aqua by JBeanSV
Devlin minta tolong Aqua buat ngebenerin karavannya, tapi waktu disuruh bantu ngangkut peralatan malah tepar dia. Cowok bukan sih kau Dev..

:iconjojo218:'s Treize
MoE_Treize by jojo218
Treize sering minta tolong Devlin buat difotoin senjata yang mau dia duplikat.

:iconmiitee:'s Shiki
MoE: Shiki by Miitee
Mereka ketemu malam-malam, waktu Shiki lagi ngeliat bintang-bintang di langit. Terus dia ketemu si Devlin yang foto-foto bintang, pake flash pula. Shiki pun kesilauan.. Karena marah udah diganggu Shiki menyambar kamera Devlin dan balas dendam memotret Devlin, pake flash juga biar Devlin ikut kesilauan maksudnya. Tapi Devlin yang nggak suka difoto nggak fotogenik//plak malah memotret Shiki balik. Alhasil semaleman itu mereka perang foto-fotoan. Waktu akhirnya film kameranya habis, yang motret terakhir itu Devlin. Sejak itu, tiap kali ketemu Shiki Devlin selalu memotret dia balas dendam ceritanya. Shiki yang nggak terima pun langsung memotret balik maling kameranya Devlin dan.. mereka pun perang foto-fotoan lagi.

:iconde-chan08:'s Chisa
MoE - Chisana Chairo by De-chan08
Chisa sedang lari-larian sebari teriak-teriak karena kumbang-kumbang ngejar dia. Devlin mengusir serangga-serangga yang mengikuti Chisa, Chisa berterimakasih, eh dia baru sadar dia udah nyasar jauh banget. Akhirnya pas Chisa kasih tahu spot rumahnya, rumah Chisa ketemu. Sebagai balas budi, Chisa bikinin kue coklat yang isinya coklat panas yang meleleh dan sangat enak.

:icongus-1993:'s Ainsel
MoE_OC: Ainsel by Gus-1993
Karena melihat Devlin yang suka banget sama coklat, Ainsel jadi mengajak Devlin untuk sama-sama buat pie coklat~:heart:

:iconthiefofstealth:'s Miki
MoE OC : Chibiko Miki by ThiefofStealth
Devlin pernah dikira patung kue cookies coklat raksasa sama Miki. Untung nggak dimakan.

:iconsagirisa:'s Loi 
MoE: Loi by SagiRisa
Duo stalker, Loi ngumpulin data dan Devlin ngumpulin foto terus ngeliatin hasil stalking sambil senyum-senyum sendiri. :iconspongebobrapefaceplz: 
Intinya kerjaan mereka ngumpet-ngumpet ngestalk orang. :iconhideplz:

:iconcalyx-chan:'s Calyx
MoE - Calyx by Calyx-chan
Calyx ngeliat Devlin beli coklat banyak banget di Grocery Store dan minta sebagian. Tapi nggak dikasih, soalnya kata Devlin itu coklat buat dibagi-bagi pas event FM2U. Dia baru setuju ngasih coklat kalau udah dipita merah apa bedanya coba. Biar cepet beres, akhirnya Calyx bantuin Devlin ngebungkus coklat-coklatnya itu. Akhirnya mereka berdua jadi sering ngeborong coklat sama-sama di Grocery Store.

:iconfamyuchii:'s Chiaki
MoE OC - Chiaki Hamatori by famyuchii
Pas Chiaki lagi jalan-jalan, dia ketemu Devlin yang lagi ngestalk orang moto-moto. Karena Chiaki polos ia pun langsung mengajak kenalan. Lalu mereka ngestalk orang bareng-bareng, tapi saat ngestalk Chiaki malah kabur ke orangnya dan minta izin ngestalk-- :iconmingplz:

:icontsunnekomaichan:'s Kuma
MoE : Kuma by TsunnekoMaichan
Mereka ketemu pas stalk MC yang misterius. Karena mereka suka stalking jadi mereka sebenernya udah saling kenal, tapi gara-gara Kuma ngga nyadar udah distalk Devlin dan Devlin juga ngga nyadar udah distalk Kuma jadi mereka kenalan lagi sama2bego//engga:iconthegloryofplz: Terus mereka temenan deh gara-gara sama-sama stalker :iconehesmileplz:

:iconharacchii:'s Kiyo
MoE - Kiyona Fujiko by haracchii
Awalnya Devlin lagi foto-foto di peternakan pagi - pagi dan menemukan Kiyo sedang tertidur di dalam kandang sapi. Yang namanya Devlin, tidur nggak tidur juga pasti difoto. Tidak lama kemudian Kiyo pun bangun karena ribut ribut dan sinar flash-- Lalu Kiyo marah marah karena Devlin tidak izin dulu dan membuka aib Kiyo. Kiyo kesal sama Devlin dan memaksa Devlin menghapus fotonya, tapi dia nggak mau. Akhirnya mereka kejer-kejeran dengan Kiyo membawa alat bengkel-- (?) Setelah kejar kejaran dan Devlin akhirnya mengalah, Kiyo pun sadar mereka belom kenalan. Lalu mereka kenalan baik baik. Walau sebenarnya foto aib Kiyo ada 2, dan satunya belom diapus.. :iconskankyplz:

Relasi selalu dibukaa~ :iconjunesplz:

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