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TBH ~ Valerie by PixelPlush
TBH ~ Valerie


:house: Name: Valerie Raine

:house: Age: 15

:house: Room: 104

:house: DoB: December 28

:house: Job: Student/Tutor for elementary and junior high students

:house: H/W: 165 cm / 53 kg

:house: Likes:

:bulletgreen: Peaceful and quiet places

:bulletgreen: Money

:bulletgreen: Books

:bulletgreen: Mathematics//amghow

:bulletgreen: Physics//idkanymore

:house: Dislikes:

:bulletred: Noisy people

:bulletred: Lazy people

:bulletred: Anything messy

:bulletred: Anything horror-related

:bulletred: Sports

:house: History:

Valerie grew up with four older brothers, all of them messy and rude and never seemed to stop causing ruckus. Being the only sensible and serious member in the family (both of her parents are also loud and carefree. It runs in the family.) she had wanted to leave and live alone somewhere nice and quiet ever since she was very young.

So she worked very, very hard at school in order to get a scholarship (her family isn’t that rich, and they have four children to feed) to a good school somewhere far away from home. That way her parents won’t have to worry about money and she has a good reason to leave home.

She was ecstatic when she actually got a scholarship to an elite high school, beating so many people who are smarter than her. (They don’t work as hard.) She quickly found an affordable boarding house close to school and booked a room. The twin owners are a little suspicious, but she was so happy she didn’t care, she was too excited to finally start a new, peaceful life. She chose the wrong boarding house tho heuheuheuhue

:house: Personality:

:bulletblue: Uptight – Not the friendliest of people. Turns out her scholarship will be revoked if her grades fall down, this worries Val so much she becomes tense and irritable all the time.

:bulletblue: Diligent – Val is actually not that smart, she’s just very, very diligent. Which is why school constantly stresses her out.

:bulletblue: Independent – She dislikes being a burden and will always try to do everything by herself first before even thinking about asking for help.

:bulletblue: Orderly – Messy rooms or clothes or hair will not be tolerated. Borderline OCD.

:bulletblue: Stingy – She’s not from a rich family, while studying in an elite school is pretty expensive even with the help of scholarship. The textbooks! The uniform! The cafeteria food! Every single penny is valuable!

:house: Trivia:

:bulletblue: Tone deaf. Her voice is always dreadfully off-tune and any attempt to play a musical instrument fails miserably.

:bulletblue: All of her clothes are  a size too large. This way they’ll still fit when she grows up.

:bulletblue: Practically blind without her megane.

:bulletblue: That frown is her default expression.

The equations and formulas in the background are all genuine.

Always open for RP, feel free to bully talk to Val~ :iconjunesplz:

PKMNation ~ Lola Ref by PixelPlush
PKMNation ~ Lola Ref

Firefly Glade

"A little petilil with beady eyes can be spotted wandering around the glade every so often, especially when it is sunny out there. Even though she's not the smartest pea in the pod, Lola makes it up with an extra dose of goodwill and sweetness."
Pokemon: Petilil

Name: Lola

Gender: Female
Type: :icongrasstypeplz:

Ability: Chlorophyll


Hatch Date: 4/10/2014

ID Number: 16592
Level: 4

Started Base Attack: 5

Current Base Attack: 5


:icongrasstypeplz: Absorb
Level Up Log:
Ref image ~ Fullbody + shading ~ +4 levels

PKMNation ~ Irina Ref by PixelPlush
PKMNation ~ Irina Ref

Firefly Glade

"Sometimes in the glade you can see a little illumise flying about. You won't have a hard time recognizing her, she has her eyes closed at all times. Be careful, for this mischievous girl loves pulling tricks more than anything in the world!"
Pokemon: Illumise

Name: Irina

Gender: Female
Type: :iconbugtypeplz:

Ability: Prankster


Hatch Date: 4/10/2014

ID Number: 16598
Level: 4

Started Base Attack: 5

Current Base Attack: 5


:iconnormaltypeplz: Tackle
:iconnormaltypeplz: Play Nice
Level Up Log:
Ref image ~ Fullbody + shading ~ +4 levels

PKMNation ~ Firefly Glade Ref Sheet by PixelPlush
PKMNation ~ Firefly Glade Ref Sheet

Firefly Glade

"During the day Firefly Glade is nothing but a plot of land in a forest curiously lacking in trees. But come back once the sun has gone down, when only the moon and stars shone with their soft glow, and you'll see how the glade got its name..."

Type: :icongrasstypeplz: :iconbugtypeplz: :iconfiretypeplz:

HPM ~ Shu App by PixelPlush
HPM ~ Shu App



Age: 20

Gender: Male

Pokémon: Shuckle

Height: 178 cm (5’ 10”)

Bodystyle: Somewhere between skinny and athletic

Birthday: November 26

Home Island: Amusement Archipelago


:bulletred: Quiet (but not quite) - His voice was very soft and he often stutters. After a few years of having to repeat everything he said several times he gave up and switched to gestures and expressions to communicate. He rarely said anything; body language did most of the job. He also brings a notepad around for more complicated conversations.

:bulletyellow: Patient – Watching plants grow is one of his hobbies. He can stay in place without moving for hours at a time waiting for seeds to sprout or flowers to bloom. He's slow himself, so he doesn't mind waiting.

:bulletred: Relaxed – Shu particularly dislikes being rushed. He did almost everything at his own pace, nice and slow. There will always be something wrong with his work whenever he hurried, be it little typos here and there in an essay or even something as big as accidentally skipping 5 consecutive numbers in a test.It happened once, believe it or not.

:bulletyellow: Insensitive – Be to the point when talking to Shu, he’s not terribly smart at figuring out people. Much closer to 'completely clueless,' actually. Prepare to straighten out miscommunications, as they're bound to happen sooner or later. On the brighter side, being able to offend him is a feat by itself. Most of the time he won't even notice it. There are times when he becomes surprisingly perceptive, but they're rare and far in between.

:bulletred: Reckless – He often did dangerous things without thinking much about it. Jumping off a cliff to have a swim at the ocean? Check. And he can't even swim. Climbing a very,very tall tree with thin branches that can snap anytime? Check. The view was great! He survives every single danger with little to no injuries for some reason, though, so no one can say or do anything about it.

 :bulletyellow: Dreamy Shu always seems to be daydreaming, like he's not completely there. In conversations, too, it usually takes him a few seconds to realize that someone is talking to him. He had walked into such a wide range of objects and people he doesn't even mind crashing into anything anymore. Arceus knows what's going on in his mind, to keep him so preoccupied! The only time he's completely focused is when he's tending to his beloved plants.

Little Shu was a very odd boy. Other children his age were talkative, annoyingly so, active, and were generally little bundles of joy. Shu was silent and still, and when something caught his interest all he did was stare at it. He quickly learned that people don’t like being stared at and pokémon will run or fly away sooner or later. Plants stay there, though, no matter how much he stared at them. Flowers bloom and wilt, leaves sometimes change colors or get blown away by the wind, but never once did a plant move from its position. This (somehow) captivated little Shu and after that conclusion he can be seen sitting down observing a plant for hours, almost unblinkingly.

    From his observation he learned that the inedible seeds will sprout into a new plant when they fall to the ground. Some of them grow right away, some takes more time. Some needs more water than others; there are also plants that don’t like too much water. One day he found a gardening book in his parents’ room. It has information on all sorts of plants and how to take care them. While other children his played with their pets, Shu fiddled with gardening tools and seeds.

     Shu wasn’t very popular at school, quiet boys who did nothing but stare rarely are. School never caused him much trouble, though. There are bullies, of course, but people generally left him alone. No matter how hard they tried, Shu always stood up and walked away, seemingly unaffected, so they soon grew tired of beating him up. Everyone stayed away from him after he learned this glorious move called “power swap.”

    After he graduated Shu decided to take a major in Botany. He loves plants, after all, and it’s not like he’s good at anything else besides gardening. After a while berries caught his interest. They are the main ingredient of poffins and pokéblocks, which somehow makes pokémon perform better during contests. They are also useful in battles and pokémon equipped with berries can make use of them quite efficiently. How wonderful! But then he realized that there’s little information about berry growth, or anything besides their usage. So, he thought, why not make his own research? A research project is mandatory for graduation in his university, after all.

    He rented a plot of land in Amusement Archipelago for said research, and from here his story begins…

Job: (Berry) Farmer

Farm Name: Berrygrove Farm

Cat Race:


Cat’s Name:


Cat’s Gender:



:bulletred: Very, very good at staring contests.

:bulletyellow: Able to communicate effectively using only body language.

 :bulletred: Sturdier than he looks. Or maybe simply lucky. He survives a fall from the third floor with only minor injuries a few years back.

:bulletyellow: Nearly limitless patience.

:bulletred: Has a green thumb, just about every plant will grow strong and healthy when he’s the one caring for them.


:bulletred: In-game, his nature will be relaxed, and his characteristic will be sturdy body.

:bulletyellow: A terrible swimmer. He sinks like a rock in water.

:bulletred: Keeps track of the growth of his berry plants in a journal. The content is unexpectedly neat and detailed.

:bulletyellow: Is somewhat obsessed with berries. A/N: He's even named after one!

:bulletred: And shuckles.


Writing in Bahasa Indonesia from this point~
MoE ~ Devlin by PixelPlush
Nama: Devlin
Umur: 18 tahun
Tanggal lahir: 24 Januari
Gender: Male
Pekerjaan: Pegawai Artist Studio

:bulletyellow:Santai - Nggak gampang marah, nggak suka kerja berat, nggak suka buru-buru.
:bulletyellow:Telmi - Aslinya lumayan pintar, tapi sering nggak nyambung kalo diajak ngomong. Otaknya perlu waktu loading beberapa detik.
:bulletyellow:Sayang barang - Nggak pernah tega ngebuang barang, udah rusak pun tetap disimpan. Males beres-beres sesungguhnya
:bulletyellow:Sabar - Dia sendiri juga lelet, jadi nggak pernah keberatan kalau disuruh menunggu.
:bulletyellow:Suka menolong - Asal nggak yang susah-susah.
:iconsenecioarukyuu:'s Sonia
MoE - Adansonia Sakurahana And Yuki Iceberg by SenecioArukyuu
Jadi waktu itu Devlin jalan-jalan dengan caravannya. Tiba-tiba mogok, gak bisa jalan. Karena mogoknya di tengah jalan, Devlin pun jadi bingung. Kebetulan aja datang Sonia dengan kudanya, Cocoa. Karena melihat ada orang yang kebingungan, akhirnya Sonia menghampiri Devlin. Ia pun menceritakan apa yang terjadi. Setelah mendengar cerita Devlin, akhirnya Sonia dan Cocoa membantu Devlin mendorong caravan sampe ke tempatnya sekarang ini. Sebagai ucapan terima kasih, Devlin pun memberi coklat kepada Sonia dan Cocoa.

:iconrisayamagaki:'s Oui
Moe OC : Oui by RisaYamagaki
Mereka ketemu pas Devlin baru terdampar di kota Beringin. Oui yang kebetulan naik sepeda penasaran sama sesosok coklat yang bisa bergerak-gerak dan lagi kebingungan sama caravannya. Oui pun mendekat lalu kaget ternyata itu orang  Trus Oui nanya ini itu pokoknya tau apa yg terjadi dgn caravannya Devlin trus ngusulin tinggal di beringin aja, terus Oui ngebonceng Devlin untuk ketemu Mayor minta izin numpang tinggal. Habis itu Oui ngajak Devlin keliling-keliling Beringin naik sepeda. Sejak itu Devlin sering main-main ke Inn ngunjungin Oui, kadang jalan-jalan bareng juga. Oui sepedaan, Devlin motret-motret pemandangan.

:iconusami-yuuri:'s Micchan
MoE OC : Miiki by Usami-Yuuri
Waktu ketemu di artist studio Micchan liat Devlin yang dikiranya patung coklat. Pas dia toel-toel dari belakang ternyata.. manusia betulan.

:iconfinazazaz:'s Vanilla~:heart:
MoE OC : Vanilla by Finazazaz
Waktu Devlin lagi jalan-jalan keliling Beringin dia ketemu Vanilla yang sedang berburu clover. Awal-awalnya Devlin bingung, kenapa susah-susah nyari kalau di sekitarnya itu clover semua, tapi lalu Vanilla menceritakan bahwa clover berdaun 4 itu membawa keberuntungan. Devlin pun setuju untuk membantu Vanilla mencari. Baru beberapa saat kemudian dia sadar kalau clover berdaun 4 itu langka, yang ada kelopaknya 3 semua.. Sejak itu Vanilla jadi sering tiba-tiba ke artist studio terus diem di depan pintu (?). Walaupun gak ngomong apa-apa Devlin udah ngerti maksudnya mau ngajak nyari clover lagi..

:iconkiaramix:'s Marron
MoE - Re App : Marron by kiaramix
Pas Marron lagi makan kenari di atas pohon, kenarinya jatuh satu dan nimpuk kepalanya Devlin yang lagi lewat. Marron bukannya minta maaf malah nawarin kenari ke Devlin.. Dan mereka pun makan kenari sama-sama. Setelah itu Devlin ga lupa ngingetin Marron biar hati-hati kalau lagi makan kenari, jangan ada yang ketimpuk kenari lagi kayak dia.

:iconmerurun:'s Rinka
MoE OC : Rinka by merurun
Waktu Devlin baru pertama kali masuk ke artist studio, tiba-tiba Devlin diterjang kucingnya Rinka gara-gara dikira coklat. Terus Rinka minta maaf dan ngajak Devlin minum teh bareng.. Tapi devlin di suruh nyeduh tehnya sendiri.
Rinka juga bosnya Devlin (owner artist studio) dan suka minta difotoin sama Devlin, semacam narsis gitu //heh

:iconsendiart:'s Henrietta
[MoE] OC : Henry by sendiART
Henrietta yang lagi nyasar entah gimana sampai di depan karavannya Devlin. Dia pun menghampiri karavan itu untuk menanyakan arah, tapi pada akhirnya malah nanya-nanya panjang lebar tentang itu karavan..

:iconjbeansv:'s Aqua
MoE : Aqua by JBeanSV
Devlin minta tolong Aqua buat ngebenerin karavannya, tapi waktu disuruh bantu ngangkut peralatan malah tepar dia. Cowok bukan sih kau Dev..

:iconjojo218:'s Treize
MoE_Treize by jojo218
Treize sering minta tolong Devlin buat difotoin senjata yang mau dia duplikat.

:iconmiitee:'s Shiki
MoE: Shiki by Miitee
Mereka ketemu malam-malam, waktu Shiki lagi ngeliat bintang-bintang di langit. Terus dia ketemu si Devlin yang foto-foto bintang, pake flash pula. Shiki pun kesilauan.. Karena marah udah diganggu Shiki menyambar kamera Devlin dan balas dendam memotret Devlin, pake flash juga biar Devlin ikut kesilauan maksudnya. Tapi Devlin yang nggak suka difoto nggak fotogenik//plak malah memotret Shiki balik. Alhasil semaleman itu mereka perang foto-fotoan. Waktu akhirnya film kameranya habis, yang motret terakhir itu Devlin. Sejak itu, tiap kali ketemu Shiki Devlin selalu memotret dia balas dendam ceritanya. Shiki yang nggak terima pun langsung memotret balik maling kameranya Devlin dan.. mereka pun perang foto-fotoan lagi.

:iconde-chan08:'s Chisa
MoE - Chisana Chairo by De-chan08
Chisa sedang lari-larian sebari teriak-teriak karena kumbang-kumbang ngejar dia. Devlin mengusir serangga-serangga yang mengikuti Chisa, Chisa berterimakasih, eh dia baru sadar dia udah nyasar jauh banget. Akhirnya pas Chisa kasih tahu spot rumahnya, rumah Chisa ketemu. Sebagai balas budi, Chisa bikinin kue coklat yang isinya coklat panas yang meleleh dan sangat enak.

:icongus-1993:'s Ainsel
MoE_OC: Ainsel by Gus-1993
Karena melihat Devlin yang suka banget sama coklat, Ainsel jadi mengajak Devlin untuk sama-sama buat pie coklat~:heart:

:iconthiefofstealth:'s Miki
MoE OC : Chibiko Miki by ThiefofStealth
Devlin pernah dikira patung kue cookies coklat raksasa sama Miki. Untung nggak dimakan.

:iconsagirisa:'s Loi 
MoE: Loi by SagiRisa
Duo stalker, Loi ngumpulin data dan Devlin ngumpulin foto terus ngeliatin hasil stalking sambil senyum-senyum sendiri. :iconspongebobrapefaceplz: 
Intinya kerjaan mereka ngumpet-ngumpet ngestalk orang. :iconhideplz:

:iconcalyx-chan:'s Calyx
MoE - Calyx by Calyx-chan
Calyx ngeliat Devlin beli coklat banyak banget di Grocery Store dan minta sebagian. Tapi nggak dikasih, soalnya kata Devlin itu coklat buat dibagi-bagi pas event FM2U. Dia baru setuju ngasih coklat kalau udah dipita merah apa bedanya coba. Biar cepet beres, akhirnya Calyx bantuin Devlin ngebungkus coklat-coklatnya itu. Akhirnya mereka berdua jadi sering ngeborong coklat sama-sama di Grocery Store.

:iconfamyuchii:'s Chiaki
MoE OC - Chiaki Hamatori by famyuchii
Pas Chiaki lagi jalan-jalan, dia ketemu Devlin yang lagi ngestalk orang moto-moto. Karena Chiaki polos ia pun langsung mengajak kenalan. Lalu mereka ngestalk orang bareng-bareng, tapi saat ngestalk Chiaki malah kabur ke orangnya dan minta izin ngestalk-- :iconmingplz:

:icontsunnekomaichan:'s Kuma
MoE : Kuma by TsunnekoMaichan
Mereka ketemu pas stalk MC yang misterius. Karena mereka suka stalking jadi mereka sebenernya udah saling kenal, tapi gara-gara Kuma ngga nyadar udah distalk Devlin dan Devlin juga ngga nyadar udah distalk Kuma jadi mereka kenalan lagi sama2bego//engga:iconthegloryofplz: Terus mereka temenan deh gara-gara sama-sama stalker :iconehesmileplz:

:iconharacchii:'s Kiyo
MoE - Kiyona Fujiko by haracchii
Awalnya Devlin lagi foto-foto di peternakan pagi - pagi dan menemukan Kiyo sedang tertidur di dalam kandang sapi. Yang namanya Devlin, tidur nggak tidur juga pasti difoto. Tidak lama kemudian Kiyo pun bangun karena ribut ribut dan sinar flash-- Lalu Kiyo marah marah karena Devlin tidak izin dulu dan membuka aib Kiyo. Kiyo kesal sama Devlin dan memaksa Devlin menghapus fotonya, tapi dia nggak mau. Akhirnya mereka kejer-kejeran dengan Kiyo membawa alat bengkel-- (?) Setelah kejar kejaran dan Devlin akhirnya mengalah, Kiyo pun sadar mereka belom kenalan. Lalu mereka kenalan baik baik. Walau sebenarnya foto aib Kiyo ada 2, dan satunya belom diapus.. :iconskankyplz:

Relasi selalu dibukaa~ :iconjunesplz:

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